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Poetry for Pride in Alsergrund 2023 |Poetik für Pride in Alsergrund 2023

Datum: Dienstag, 06 Juni 2023 18:00

Veranstaltungsort: Vinzirast Mittendrin Dachatelier  |  Stadt: Wien, Austria

Ein Abend mehrsprachiger Poesie, Geschichten und Musik auf Englisch, Deutsch und anderen Sprachen, um Vienna Pride 2023 zu feiern.

Der Veranstaltungsort ist Vinzirast Dachatelier und ist für Rollstuhlfahrer zugänglich. Um auf die Dachterrasse des Vinzirast Dachateliers zu kommen, nehmen den Restauranteingang und gehen in den Hinterhof. Der Aufzug befindet sich auf der rechten Seite, oder nehmen die Außentreppe zur Dachterrasse.

Wenn der Haupteingang von Restaurant zu ist, nimm den Eingang Lackieregasse 10, 1090.

Leichte Erfrischungen gegen Spende.

Diese Veranstaltung wird von Verein Hint Wien- hoch intersektionales Wien organisiert.

Es wird von Verein Schwarze Frauen Community unterstützt und durch den Bezirk Alsergrund, Kultur im 9. gefördert.


JG Danso (she/her)

JG Danso (she/her) is a Black, cis-woman, queer poet, intersectional equalities advisor, arts eductor and Saggitarian. She lectures in Anti-discrimination and Equality as part of the Applied Human Rights Masters of Arts at Vienna Angewandte.

Her multidisciplinary approach to writing connects queer joy to the push for structural equality, intersectionality and inclusion in all spaces. She is resident poet of queer community café Villa Vida, Vienna; Chair of Verein; and board member of the Schwarze Frauen Community (Black Women's Community).

She will read her work in English and moderate in English and German.

JG can be found on Instagram @jgdanso @hintwien and


Diana was born in Uzbekistan and grew up in Greece. She has lived in the UK, the Netherlands, Hungary and now, Vienna.

She holds a Master’s degree in Gender Studies and arrived in Austria 2 years ago to continue her graduate studies. Her interests primarily lie in science and technology studies from a queer, feminist and postcolonial perspective, as well as queer and sci-fi literature.

Diana will read in English and Greek.

Margaret Carter (she/her)

Margaret Carter (she/her) is a dynamic and passionate singer with a voice that inspires audiences. Originally from the US, she began to sing as a child.

The rich and smooth tones of her voice make her a natural for jazz and blues. Now based in Vienna, she studied with the jazz legend Elly Wright and enjoys appearances at a range of charity and cultural events.

Ruadhán J. Flynn (he/they)

Ruadhán (pro: Ru-awn) is an Irish academic, former community artist, and occasional tailor living in Vienna.

His research and teaching centres on fun topics like dehumanisation, eugenics, and ableism.

He is also the founder and coordinator of the Trans* Mutual Care Network. As part of Poetry for Pride, he will read poems on themes of community, migration and borders (real and imagined), in Irish (Gaeilge) and English. ⎪

Moiz he/him

Moiz, pronounced like "noise", was raised in Pakistan. He has studied and worked in the US, France, Switzerland, Poland, and now Austria for the last 8 years.

Moiz is interested in intersections of political violence against minorities, masculinity, theater, art history, immigrant identity, and food. He remembers growing up surrounded by Urdu poetry, often dramatic, but always very poignant.

Mikki Muhr

As an arts educator Mikki Muhr is originator and guide of ,,Feministisch Betrachtet" a tour which views art collections from a queer feminist perspective. As such, Mikki is often asked,"What's so feminist about that?" and has found that the answers are multitude.

Mikki's art practice consists of 'mapping.' A practice of creating visual journals of the different routes, activities, people and interactions experienced on any given day. If invited into Mikkis world, perhaps you would surprise yourself with what you recollect for your own map.

Mikki will be recite in Dadaist style, a style of poetry developed as political protest in reaction to the senseless slaughter of WW1. A bio in Mikki's own queer feminist dada style:

Mikki Muhr: artist art-education bodies conversations drawings feminist installations intersectionality letters relates places queer spaces words; lives works vienna / feministisch betrachtet:blog mumokBook: RELATIONEN ed.: fabrik@transit ⎪Vienna 2022⎪

Tayla Myree (She/They)

Tayla Myree is a visual artist and historian based in Vienna, Austria. She is originally from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

She began writing at a young age, but has recently reinvigorated her passion for writing and has been performing at various open mics in Vienna. Tayla enjoys writing short stories and poems that interrogate identity, social issues, and justice through humor and casual prose.

She will recite her works in English.


Dr. phil Paul*A Helfritzsch (sie*r)

Dr. phil Paul*A Helfritzsch studierte Philosophie und Psychologie.

Sie*r wurde 2020 an der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität in Jena mit der Arbeit "Als Andere unter Anderen" promoviert.

Seit Mai 2021 lehrt und forscht sie*r als Post-Doc an der Universität Wien im Bereich der Emotionstheorie, zu Fragen der Sozialphilosophie und der Geschlechtertheorien. In s*ihren literarischen und wiss. Texten sowie s*ihrer politischen Arbeit stellt Helfritzsch sich gegen unterschiedlichste Formen der Unterdrückung.

S*ihr Leitfaden dabei sind die Worte Leslie Feinbergs: "Wenn ich will, dass du für mich kämpfst, dann muss ich in der ersten Reihe stehen, um für dich zu kämpfen."

Healing coach


Tarot and healing coaching with Salem Islas-Madlo.

Salem is a writer, poet, and holistic energy coach who is also completing training in trauma recovery therapy. A tarot reading experience with her is reassuring, insightful and supportive.

Pre-order or reserve a copy of JG Danso's next book- A Thousand Ships Colouring Book via Eventbrite ticket.


A Thousand Ships Colouring Book combines a poetic story, colouring and glossary suitable for all ages. Fun and educational.


Pre-order by buying the book via Eventbrite or reserve for free and come check it out at our bookstand. You can then collect at the POETRY FOR PRIDE event and JG will sign it for you. Free set of skin skin colour pencils for the first 10 pre-orders.


A Thousand Ships Colouring Book by JG Danso. 25 EUR per copy. 50 colour pages in English. Published by Triple Threat WOW and fabrik.transit Vienna. 2023.

Reserve a copy of JG Danso's first book- A Thousand Ships (2022).


A Thousand Ships (2022) is the first edition of the original illustrated poetry book by JG Danso, published in 2022. The book is an illustrated poem suitable for all ages. Fun and educational.


Order by reserving the book via Eventbrite. You can then collect at the POETRY FOR PRIDE event.


17 EUR, 28 colour pages in English. Published by Triple Threat WOW Vienna (2022).

The organisers

This event is organised by the association (Verein) Hint Wien. Hint Wien stands for 'highly intersectional Vienna | hoch intersektionelles Wien'.

Verein Hint Wien works intergenerationally to support diverse LGBTQIA+ communities in Vienna through highly intersectional, queer centered, storytelling. |



Währinger Str. 19
1090 Wien, Austria


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